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TPA continues to pursue pharmacy-related legislative priorities at the state level and advocate on behalf of our members, but NOW is the time to contact your legislators! The next few weeks will be crucial to the success of several specific pro-pharmacy legislative priorities. Engage and contact your elected officials TODAY to seek their support for the following pharmacy-related legislative priorities!


This legislation

State Level: Pharmacist Credentialing as Providers

The Senate has passed SB 0461. The full House votes on HB 0405 this afternoon! Take action and contact your legislators NOW!

Take Action – www.votervoice.net/TNPA/campaigns/50116/respond

  • HB 0405  / SB 0461
  • House Sponsor(s): Terry, Sexton C, Swann, Dunn
  • Senate Sponsor(s): Bell, Haile, Crowe, Overbey
  • Description: This legislation expands current code to include pharmacists in the list of classes of providers which managed health insurance issuers are prohibited from discriminating against as providers in medical networks, with respect to participation, referral, reimbursement of covered services or indemnification, solely on the basis of their license or certification, if such providers are acting within the scope of their license or certification.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Pilot Program for TennCare Beneficiaries

This legislation is scheduled to be heard in the House Health Subcommittee and Senate Health and Welfare Committee this week!

Take Action – www.votervoice.net/TNPA/campaigns/44786/respond

  • HB 0628  / SB 0398
  • House Sponsor(s): Kumar
  • Senate Sponsor(s): Haile
  • Description: As amended, this legislation would establish a pharmacist-provided Medication Therapy Management (MTM) pilot program within the TennCare program. By enacting this legislation and establishing this MTM pilot program, TennCare patients would gain access to pharmacist-provided MTM services. Pharmacist-provided MTM services have demonstrated significant value through improved patient health outcomes, increased quality of care, and decreased costs to taxpayers in other state medicaid programs.

Professional Privilege Tax Repeal

This legislation continues to be discussed at the state level. Continue to contact your legislators!

Take Action – www.votervoice.net/TNPA/campaigns/50145/respond

  • Legislation: HB 0041 / SB 0132 / (5-Year Repeal)
  • House Sponsor(s): VanHuss, Matlock, White D, Lynn, Casada, Goins, Butt, Hulsey, Hill M, Crawford, Calfee, Hill T, Kane, Lovell, Holsclaw, Ragan, Rudd, Rogers, Howell, Sparks, Holt
  • Senate Sponsor(s): Bowling, Lundberg, Kyle, Gresham, Gardenhire, Watson, Johnson, Beavers, Southerland, Niceley, Norris, Massey, Bailey, Yager, Kelsey, Briggs, Green, Hensley, Ketron, Harris
  • Description: As introduced, phases out the professional privilege tax over a five-year period for tax years that begin on and after June 1, 2017.

Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) Restrictions and Licensing of Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBM)

This legislation is currently being discussed at the state level. Continue to contact your legislators!

  • HB 0569 / SB 0392
  • House Sponsor(s): Powers, Sexton C, Ragan
  • Senate Sponsor(s): Haile, Dickerson
  • Description: As amended, this legislation would seek to ensure greater transparency by establishing that a covered entity or PBM may only assess, charge, or hold a pharmacy responsible for fees related to the adjudication of a claim if that fee is apparent to the pharmacy at the time of claim processing, reported on the remittance advice of the adjudicated claim, or set out in contract between the PBM and pharmacy. This legislation would also require all PBMs operating in Tennessee to license with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

Drug Donation Repository Program

This legislation is scheduled to be heard in the House Health Subcommittee this week!

  • Legislation: HB 0137 / SB 0429
  • House Sponsor(s): Sexton C
  • Senate Sponsor(s): Kelsey
  • Description: As introduced, this legislation would establish a prescription drug donation repository program.

Medication Synchronization

This legislation is scheduled to be heard in the House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee this week!

  • Legislation: HB 0139 / SB 0799
  • House Sponsor(s): Sexton C
  • Senate Sponsor(s): Dickerson
  • Description: As introduced, prohibits health insurance policies from using prorated dispensing fees or denying coverage for dispensing of medication in accordance with the synchronization of medication; and requires health insurance policies to apply prorated cost-sharing to dispensing of medication in accordance with synchronization of medication.