Tennessee Pharmacists Association

Resolutions for the Tennessee Pharmacists Association House of Delegates should be submitted by Monday, February 3, 2014, to be considered by the Resolutions Committee!

Resolutions – formal statements expressing the opinion, will, or intent of a body of persons – may be submitted by individual members, district organizations, other associations or interests, or committees. Each resolution should be in the standardized format used by the Tennessee Pharmacists Association. The most effective resolutions are carefully constructed to use as few words as possible to convey the basic issues and reasons for the stand.

All proposed resolutions received prior to the deadline will be submitted to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee, who will have them reviewed by the entire Committee. The Committee has the authority to edit any proposed resolutions submitted and may, at its discretion and upon its own initiative, develop additional proposed resolutions. The Committee will report all resolutions to the House of Delegates. Each resolution will carry with it the Committee’s action to recommend or not recommend, or with no recommendation.

After the Resolutions Committee has considered all submitted resolutions, it will provide those resolutions for publication on the TPA website (www.tnpharm.org) and/or in a TPA publication or broadcast prior to the House of Delegates meeting. These resolutions will be provided in writing to the Delegates.

Following the action of the House of Delegates at the Midyear Meeting, the resolutions adopted will be published on the TPA website and/or in a TPA publication or broadcast. Additionally, at the discretion of the Executive Director, adopted resolutions may be provided to the pharmacy press or the Tennessee lay press in a TPA News Release.

To obtain instructions and a sample resolution form on which to submit your resolution, please contact TPA (615-256-3023 or tpa@localhost) or download ResolutionsForm-2pg.