Tennessee Pharmacists Association


TPA’s Collaborative Pharmacy Practice legislation, HB2139 (Shepard) / SB1992 (Overbey), PASSED out of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee today, supported unanimously (7-0) as amended. THANK YOU to those of you who have contacted your Senators and urged them to support passage of this legislation! But our work is not done. The Senate version of this legislation will be voted on in a full Senate Session, which could be as early as Thursday morning, March 20, 2014.

Contact your Senators before Thursday and ASK THEM TO SUPPORT SB1992 and ensure collaboration of pharmacists with physicians and other prescribers as members of patient care teams.

HB2139, the House version of the Collaborative Pharmacy Practice legislation, is scheduled for the House Health full committee on Wednesday, March 19, at 1:30pm CT, in House Hearing Room 16. Below is the list of House Health Committee members.

If your Representative is listed below, please take a few minutes to contact them before Wednesday and ASK THEM TO SUPPORT HB2139!

If you cannot make it to the House Health Committee meeting in Nashville on Wednesday, you can view the committee meeting live by clicking on the following link: http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/videowrapper/default.aspx?CommID=860000.

TPA greatly appreciates your continued support and will continue to keep you informed as developments unfold.

House Health Committee – Wednesday, March 19, 2014 – 1:30 pm
Name E-mail Nashville Office District Office
Bob Ramsey rep.bob.ramsey@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-3560 (865) 983-7370
Ryan Williams rep.ryan.williams@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-1875
Vance Dennis rep.vance.dennis@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-2190
Barry Doss rep.barry.doss@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-7476 (931) 762-1531
JoAnne Favors rep.joanne.favors@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-2702 (423) 624-5088
Mike Harrison rep.mike.harrison@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-7480 (423) 235-6803
Timothy Hill rep.timothy.hill@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-2050
Darren Jernigan rep.darren.jernigan@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-6959 (800) 736-0925
Gloria Johnson rep.gloria.johnson@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-2031
Mary Littleton rep.mary.littleton@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-7477
Gary Odom rep.gary.odom@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-4410 (615) 356-5096
Barrett Rich rep.barrett.rich@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-6890 (901) 828-3637
Cameron Sexton rep.cameron.sexton@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-2343
David Shepard rep.david.shepard@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-3513 (615) 446-9782
Tony Shipley rep.tony.shipley@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-2886
Mike Turner rep.mike.turner@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-3229 (615) 847-0002
Micah Van Huss rep.james.vanhuss@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-1717
Tim Wirgau rep.tim.wirgau@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-6804 (731) 644-2020