Tennessee Pharmacists Association

On Wednesday morning, April 9, 2014, the full House of Representatives considered and passed HB2139, the legislation enacting Collaborative Pharmacy Practice, by a vote of 98 ayes and 0 nays. Having passed the Senate on April 3, it now goes to the Governor for his signature. Pharmacists and students from across Tennessee were present in the House gallery observing the bill presentation and vote by the House members. This legislation is the result of many months of dedicated work by the TPA Board of Directors, TPA staff, and TPA members, in partnership with the Tennessee Medical Association, the Tennessee Hospital Association, the Tennessee Nurses Association, national pharmacists associations, and other healthcare organizations.

The Collaborative Pharmacy Practice legislation will contemporize our pharmacy practice act, further establish the role of pharmacists as providers of care, and encourage ongoing collaboration between pharmacists and other essential health care providers as part of team-based models of care. To read a copy of the Collaborative Pharmacy Practice legislation, click here.

The Collaborative Pharmacy Practice legislation was adopted by both the Tennessee House of Representatives and the Tennessee Senate, without a single vote of opposition. This bill will now be sent to the desk of Governor Bill Haslam, to be signed into law.

TPA would like to thank all who took action and contacted their Senators and Representatives to seek support of this very important piece of pharmacy practice legislation this session!