Tennessee Pharmacists Association

Practice Based Resources

TPA is developing a series of members-only, program-specific, practice-based resources designed to help you provide a broader range of services to patients and expand your pharmacy practice. With the rapidly-growing number of opportunities to become more involved in patient care and to collaborate with other health care providers, this is an exciting time to be a pharmacy professional in Tennessee. It can also be a little overwhelming for those who want to get involved. TPA’s online practice-based resources will help you develop and implement many of the programs you’ve been hearing about, while helping you stay in compliance along the way.To begin, click on one of the resources shown below. Most of them are for members only, so you may be asked to log in to your TPA account. Email tpa@localhost or call 615-256-3023, if you need login help, would like to comment on a resource page, or have a suggestion for a new one. We want to hear from you!