Tennessee Pharmacists Association

Submitting Nominations for Pharmacist Members:

ARTICLE VI of the By-Laws of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association:


NOMINATION: The Association shall nominate annually five pharmacists for appointment to the Board of Pharmacy.  Each nomination shall be made through a process outlined by the association and shall be supported by at least two active members of the Association in good standing.  The qualifications of each nominee shall be listed on the instrument of nomination. The signatures shall serve as the nomination and second.

BALLOT: In the event of more than five nominees for each position, a vote shall be taken of all Association members. The five nominees receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared the nominees.

TRANSMITTAL: Following the conclusion of the election, the Executive Director shall forward the list of five nominees to the Governor of Tennessee for review.

Qualifications per Tennessee Code Annotated § 63-10-302:

(a) The governor shall appoint the members of the board and shall make appointments so that the pharmacist members of the board shall be graduates of a recognized school or college of pharmacy. In making appointments to the board, the governor shall strive to ensure that at least one (1) person serving on the board is sixty (60) years of age or older and that one (1) person serving on the board is a member of a racial minority.

(b) No pharmacist shall be eligible for appointment to the board unless such person has been a pharmacist under this or some other law of this state for a period of at least five (5) years, and during the terms of such person’s incumbency shall be actively engaged in the practice of pharmacy.