Tennessee Pharmacists Association


Each year, as required by the current Board of Pharmacy Regulations (TCA 63-10-502), TPA submits to the Governor the names of five qualified pharmacist members to fill the vacancy created when a Board of Pharmacy member’s six-year term of service expires. The term of Board of Pharmacy member Dr. Kevin Eidson, PharmD, of White House, Tennessee, expires in 2018.

Qualifications for Service as a Pharmacist Member on the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
Tennessee Code Annotated§ 63-10-302 (b): No pharmacist shall be eligible for appointment to the board unless such person has been a pharmacist under this or some other law of this state for a period of at least five (5) years, and during the terms of such person’s incumbency shall be actively engaged in the practice of pharmacy.

TPA invites pharmacists to volunteer to serve, or to nominate another qualified pharmacist to serve, as a pharmacist member on the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy. To do so, click the button below or visit https://tnpharm.org/get-involved/board-of-pharmacy-nomination/.

Important Changes to TPA’s 2018 Board of Pharmacy Nominations Process:

 TPA’s original deadlines have been adjusted to comply with a timeline change requested by the Governor’s office.
  1. By January 29, 2018: Individuals should nominate themselves or other qualified individuals using the link above. TPA will provide further instructions after the nomination is received.
  2. By February 2, 2018: The TPA Nominations Committee will verify the eligibility and qualifications of all pharmacist nominees or volunteers. In the event that more than five qualified pharmacists are nominated or volunteer to serve, TPA will hold an election by sending an electronic ballot to all pharmacist members of the Association.
  3. By February 12, 2018: The names of five pharmacist members – those who have received the highest number of electronic votes, if an election is required – will be sent to Governor Haslam’s office as TPA’s five nominees.

If you have questions about this nominations process, please contact Micah Cost at 615-256-3023 or micah@localhost.