Tennessee Pharmacists Association

Welcome! The Tennessee Pharmacists Association would like to support you in your transition to pharmacy practice by offering you a complimentary pharmacist membership.

Please use the form below to activate your complimentary pharmacist membership, if

  • You are a Pharmacist who graduated in 2020 and you were NOT a TSSP member when you graduated… OR
  • You are a Pharmacist in a 2020-2021 Pharmacy Residency or Fellowship program and are NOT a member of TSSP or TPA.

Who should not complete the form below?

  • TSSP members who graduated in 2020:  Instead of completing this form, PLEASE CLICK HERE to activate your complimentary pharmacist membership.
  • If you are not a pharmacist who graduated in 2020 and are not in a 2020-2021 Pharmacy Residency or Fellowship program, PLEASE CLICK HERE and select the appropriate membership category and payment frequency.

If you prefer to join by fax or mail, please download this PDF file.

To start your complimentary membership, be sure to enter your promo code below (just above the “Membership Details” section), good for 100% of your dues through July 31, 2021! If you did not receive your promo code, please contact TPA to request one.When you join TPA as a Graduating Pharmacist, Resident, or Fellow, you’ll receive all the benefits of TPA pharmacist membership for free until July 31, 2021! As that date nears, TPA will invite you to renew your membership in TPA and the pharmacist society that best suits your situation at that time. To begin, please select the appropriate TPA Membership category below. If you are a Resident or Fellow who graduated in 2020, please select “Pharmacist Doing Residency/Fellowship 2020”. For more information or help with an item, watch for the icon.