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  • What is a policy? A policy is a formal statement expressing the opinion, will, or intent of a body of persons.
  • Who can submit policy topics for consideration? Individual members, district organizations, other associations or interests, or committees may submit policy topics for the TPA Resolutions Committee to consider.
  • When can I submit policy topics for consideration? Policy topics for consideration can be submitted at any time to olivia@tnphparm.org. A key group of TPA leaders will meet several months prior to each session of the House of Delegates to select which topics the Resolutions Committee will write policy statements on. 
  • How do I write a New Business Item? Each New Business Item should include title and one or more whole numbered statements that reflect the position(s) you wish for the association to take. Action verbs (supports, opposes, encourages, etc) should be used to express the stance. Please see the below sample New Business Item guidance.  The most effective resolutions are carefully constructed to use as few words as possible to convey the basic issues and reasons for the stand.
  • What will happen to my New Business Item? All proposed New Business Items received prior to the deadline will be submitted to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee for review by the entire Committee. The Committee has the authority to edit any proposed New Business Items submitted. The Committee will report all New Business Items to the House of Delegates. Each New Business Item will carry with it the Committee’s action to recommend, not recommend, or make no recommendation.
  • If I don’t attend the House of Delegates session, will I ever know what happened to my New Business Item? Following the action of the House of Delegates at the Winter Meeting and the Summer Meeting, the policies and New Business Items adopted will be communicated to the TPA membership. 

Sample New Business Item Title

  1. TPA supports members submitting their New Business Items for consideration
  2. TPA opposes any action that would prevent members from submitting New Business Items
  3. TPA encourages members to engage in the policy process by submitting New Business Items

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