Tennessee Pharmacists Association

Nashville, Tenn. — September 29, 2023 — Following a request by the Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA), Tennessee Governor Bill Lee issued a proclamation on September 26, 2023, declaring that October will be formally recognized as Pharmacist Month in the state of Tennessee.

“This month is a time to celebrate Tennessee pharmacists and the entire pharmacy team. Looking back at the last few years, pharmacists continued to serve their patients under extremely challenging circumstances that included overstretched resources and resulted in ongoing effects on well-being and resilience. I am deeply grateful to every pharmacist, pharmacy technician, and student pharmacist for their ongoing and unwavering contributions and the value them bring to patients daily,” said TPA CEO Anthony Pudlo.

The proclamation notes the Governor’s recognition of “more than 11,000 pharmacists licensed in Tennessee and more than 300,000 pharmacists licensed in the United States” and underscores “the importance of promoting public awareness about the vital role that pharmacists play in delivering quality healthcare to our communities.”

TPA President Jeff Lewis expressed his gratitude, stating, “On behalf of pharmacists in Tennessee, I would like to express my appreciation to Governor Bill Lee for recognizing October as Pharmacist Month. Pharmacists are one of the most trusted and accessible healthcare providers in Tennessee. The proclamation highlights the impact that pharmacists have as part of the healthcare team for a healthier Tennessee.”

TPA celebrates American Pharmacists Month each October—a time to recognize pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and student pharmacists for their immense contributions to community health and wellness.

In October 2023, TPA is launching the “We Are More” campaign to shed light on the extensive and often underappreciated contributions of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. These professionals are found in diverse settings, including retail stores, hospitals, long-term care facilities, research centers, universities, pharmaceutical production facilities, and advocacy organizations. Their collective goal is to optimize community health and well-being.

To learn more about “We Are More,” visit tnpharm.org/aphm.