Tennessee Pharmacists Association

Masthead_for_webpageMAY 22, 2015

Kate Claussen 

by Kate Claussen, TPA Intern, 2015 PharmD Candidate, LUCOP

Once upon a time, there was a pharmacy student who spent a month at TPA. Her prior knowledge of legislation was provided by none other than The School House Rock’s “I’m Just A Bill” lesson. With the expectation of banging gavels and political jargon, she entered the legislative building on her first day. Instead of finding the political realm to be mundane and “just about politics,” she was pleasantly surprised.

She saw the inner-workings of how bills get passed and how lobbyists convince representatives to support and advocate for people’s concerns. Perhaps the most delightful instance was to see pharmacists representing the state in both the Senate and the House. Pharmacists were easy for her to pick out in hearings, as professionalism and respect flowed through each one, allowing them to make appropriate decisions. However, she was amazed at how little others knew about the profession of pharmacy, and made sure to educate them when given the chance.

TPA fights for pharmacists moving forward in healthcare. No more can pharmacists stand in the shadows; they provide value to patient care, and it is time to tell the world! Being at TPA feeds the fire I have for the profession of pharmacy, trailblazing the way to show other practitioners what it truly means to be a pharmacist.