Tennessee Pharmacists Association

Masthead_for_webpageSEPTEMBER 27, 2016

Challenging Pharmacists to Advocate for Pharmacy

Brooke Landtroopby Laura (Brooke) Landtroop, PharmD (TPA Intern in Spring 2016)
Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy

April was an exciting month at the Tennessee Pharmacists Association. We spent most of our days at the Tennessee General Assembly. As the legislature was trying to close for the session, many hours were spent debating policies. In the end, it was a successful session for pharmacists.

One of my favorite moments was seeing Representative David Shepard’s final day in the House of Representatives. Dr. Shepard’s career has been focused on protecting and forwarding the profession of pharmacy. As an independent pharmacist, I have been challenged by Dr. Shepard to be more than the pharmacist behind the counter. I want to make a difference for all pharmacists.

I believe all pharmacists can do more to help our profession.  We have voices that need to be heard. The TPA is an easy way to do that. By joining TPA, pharmacists have a personal advocate to make their concerns known. Another way is to reach out to your local representative yourself. Emails and phone calls are easy. Nothing will change unless we do it ourselves. As a young, new pharmacist, I want our profession to continue to succeed. I have made a commitment to be an advocate for pharmacy. I challenge each of you to be one as well.