Tennessee Pharmacists Association
2016 graduates who are TSSP members will receive TPA’s “Welcome to the Profession” Package for New Practitioners in late April. To receive yours, join TSSP by April 18, 2016!

Please follow the instructions below to join the Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists (TSSP).

  1. I'm Ready to Join TSSP! [button]Click the button to the right or click the “Join Us” tab at the top of any page on the TPA website.
  2. Click “Student Pharmacists”.
  3. Select “Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists (One Year)”.
  4. Complete the Membership Details section:
    IMPORTANT: Please consider that your student email address will expire, some sooner than others. We urge you to update your profile with your non-student email address, so you can continue to receive your member benefits. If you don’t have a non-student email address yet, please be sure to update your TPA profile when you do have one, before your student email expires.
  5. Enter your Method of Payment.
  6. Click “Submit Application”.

Soon after you have submitted your application, you will receive the following 3 email messages from the Association: (Don’t find any email from TPA? CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER.)

  1. Transaction Receipt
  2. New Member Confirmation – Letting you know your application is now waiting to be approved.
  3. Welcome to Tennessee Pharmacists Association – This Welcome email will let you know that your membership has been approved.
    ACTION NEEDED: The Welcome to TPA email will contain a link to set up your members-only access to the website and your online TPA login. You must set up your TPA login to gain access to the New Practitioner Welcome Package, members-only content, news, and more.

When should you expect to receive your New Practitioner Welcome Package?

If you join TSSP by April 18, 2016, TPA will send an email in late April to the primary address in your TPA profile. Click on the link in the message to access your New Practitioner Welcome Package.

You will receive your TPA Member pin from a TPA staff member on or around your graduation or hooding ceremony.

Complimentary Pharmacist Membership in the Tennessee Pharmacists Association ($295 value)

TPA is happy to offer a complimentary pharmacist membership – through July 31, 2017 – to all 2016 graduates who choose to accept it! Watch for more information in June 2016.