Tennessee Pharmacists Association

When can you expect to receive your New Practitioner Welcome Package?

TPA will send an email on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, to the primary address in your TPA profile (see below). Click on the link in the message to access your New Practitioner Welcome Package.

You will receive your TPA Member pin from a TPA staff member on or around your graduation or hooding ceremony.

Please update your TPA-TSSP member profile:

Now that you’re graduating, the information in your TPA-TSSP profile is probably out of date. Please update your profile with your new employer, address, email (non-student address), etc., and return to make changes as needed. Remember to update your profile with your license number when you receive it!

To update your profile, you’ll need to log in to the TPA website. For log-in instructions, follow the steps below or watch this brief video:


  1. Go to the My Account Login page (or browse to the Member Center tab | My Account/Login):
    My Account Login screenshot
  2. a. Login with one of your social media accounts by clicking on the appropriate icon, OR
    b. Enter your TPA email address and password:

    1. Use the email address where you receive email from TPA.
    2. Your password is a unique password you created.
    3. Forgot your password, or never set up your password? Click “Forgot your password”  and follow the prompts.
  3. Once logged in, you’ll be on the My Account page; click “Update Your Profile”.


  1. Go to the “My Account” page. Click “Update Your Profile”:
    Profile: My Account
  2. Select “Student Pharmacists.” (Beginning June 1, new graduates should select “Pharmacists.”):
    Update Profile screenshot
  3. In your Profile, click View Profile / Edit Profile”  to update your email address and other contact information.
    IMPORTANT: Please consider that your student email address will expire, some sooner than others. We urge you to update your profile with your non-student email address, so you can continue to receive your member benefits. If you don’t have a non-student email address yet, please be sure to update your TPA profile when you do have one, before your student email expires.
  4. Be sure to click Save” or “Save & Next” at the bottom of the page, before closing the browser window.