Tennessee Pharmacists Association

21139567_sTHOn this page, we’ll highlight some of TPA’s most recent activities on behalf of Tennessee’s pharmacists. Check back often!

TPA Addresses Proposed Cuts to TennCare Pharmacy Program for FY2016

Over the past several weeks, Governor Bill Haslam and his staff have been hosting their annual budget hearings for Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016) at the Tennessee State Capitol Building. In preparation for these hearings, Governor Haslam requested that each Department prepare a budget which includes a 7% overall reduction in operating costs with respect to the FY2015 operating budget. This morning, TennCare presented its FY2016 proposed budget to Governor Haslam. TPA staff members were in attendance at the TennCare budget hearing on December 5, 2014, and noted several very important proposed cuts to the TennCare pharmacy program that TPA members should be aware of in preparation for the 2015 legislative session… read more

TPA: With YOU, For YOU, Supporting YOUR Future

TPA serves and represents you and your interests to legislators, stakeholders, and partners in Tennessee, Washington, and beyond. The only way TPA can continue to serve you is through a strong, active, and empowered community of TPA members. TPA needs your service, your support, and your commitment as a member, so please consider joining TPA as we move our profession forward… read more

Revisions to Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Rules & Regulations:

Comments Due by Thursday, July 10, 2014

At the direction of TPA leadership and the Board of Directors, TPA convened several practice-specific workgroups to review and contemporize the current Tennessee Board of Pharmacy practice rules. Over the past two years, these TPA workgroups have spent an extensive amount of time examining current Board of Pharmacy rules and regulations, and have suggested a number of changes which align with contemporary pharmacy practice in Tennessee. These workgroups have concluded their review, and their proposed revisions have been compiled into a single 52-page document. On July1, TPA emailed the proposed revisions to all members, asking them to review them and provide comments back to TPA by July 10, prior to submission to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy for consideration … read more

Key 2014 Changes in State Law Affecting Pharmacy Practice

During the 2014 session of the Tennessee General Assembly, several new laws were enacted that directly affect pharmacists and their practices. TPA has summarized and highlighted the requirements of those laws, along with their effective dates, in TPA’s Legislative Bulletin. Two new laws address two specific issues identified as legislative priorities for TPA: Collaborative Pharmacy Practice (effective date July1, 2014) and Regulation of Pharmacy Benefit Managers and MAC Limits (effective date January 1, 2015). For much more information about these fry 1, 2015). Members were emailed a summary of these and other new laws that implement important changes in pharmacy practice. The provisions of these and still more new laws that pharmacists should know about are included in the Bulletin. Pharmacists are urged to review all information contained in the Bulletin, including links to the language of the new laws and links to legislation that was introduced and not passed, but which may be reintroduced in the 2015 session. … read more