Tennessee Pharmacists Association

For nearly 140 years, TPA has served our state as the single, unified voice advancing, protecting, and promoting pharmacy practice. Regardless of our practice settings, we all share the same visions and goals of optimized patient health and advancement for the profession. Now, for the first time ever in TPA’s history, we also share our permanent home for pharmacy practice in Tennessee—the Center for Tennessee Pharmacy. The Tennessee Pharmacists Research & Education Foundation purchased the building in 2018, and additional funds are needed to make it all that it can be. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to the Building Tennessee’s Pharmacy Future capital campaign.

Visit www.tnpharmacyforward.org to learn about our goals, contribution levels and recognition opportunities!

The following generous individuals and entities have invested in Building Tennessee’s Pharmacy Future, as of December 9, 2019.

Pharmacy Legends ($10,000 or Greater)

  • Dr. Baeteena Black
  • Dr. Alan Corley and Family
  • Dr. Micah Cost
  • Pharmacy Plus Programs (Mr. David Pesterfield and Mrs. Betty Jo Pesterfield)
  • Dr. Rick Sain
  • Drs. Martha and David Shepard

Pharmacy Visionaries ($5,000 – $9,999)

  • Dr. Don Branam
  • Dr. Paula Hinson
  • Dr. Leslie Shepard

Pharmacy Innovators ($2,500 – $4,999)

  • Dr. Doug Duncan
  • Dr. Jim McBride
Pharmacy Champions ($1,000 – $2,499)

  • Dr. Lucy Adkins
  • Dr. Emily Brinser
  • Dr. Phonzie Brown
  • Dr. Glen Farr
  • FountainRx (Dr. Derek Hicks and Dr. Ryan Hollingsworth)
  • Dr. Jason Greene
  • Dr. Justin Kirby
  • Dr. Joe Saffles
  • Dr. Larry Shepherd
  • Dr. Eddie Sturgeon, Jr.
Pharmacy Friends ($100 – $999)

  • Ms. Julianna Bolton
  • Dr. Brad Boucher
  • Ms. Brittany Carroll
  • Dr. Rick Chinouth
  • Dr. Peter Chyka
  • Dr. Kelly Covert
  • Dr. Brian Cross
  • Dr. Dianne Duncan
  • Dr. Jeanne Ezell
  • Dr. Carla D. Fahhoum
  • Dr. Jeremiah Glass
  • Dr. Stacey Grant
  • Dr. Bill Greene
  • Dr. Justin Griner
  • Dr. Rebecca Hopper
  • Ms. Sarah Isaacs
  • Dr. Donald Jones
  • Dr. Kim Jones
  • Dr. Jason Kizer
  • Ms. Linda Knecht
  • Dr. Jeff Lewis
  • Ms. Shawna Lightfoot
  • Dr. Rob Lucas
  • Dr. Sharon Moore
  • Dr. Tara Moore
  • Dr. Kam Nola
  • Dr. Gene Parsons
  • Dr. Mark Sullivan
  • Dr. Natalie Tate
  • Ms. Judy Trac
  • Dr. Brenda Warren
  • Dr. James Wheeler