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What Is TPRN and Why Is TPA Involved?

RoadToRecovery26503127_sHealth care professionals, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and student pharmacists, are at risk for chemical dependency for reasons including greater stress and burnout and easier access to drugs. Impairment creates major problems, not just for personal lives and careers, but in the potential harm which can be inflicted upon the patients who trust their health and lives to the dependability of the pharmacy services. Recognizing this, and in genuine concern for both the impaired professional and the integrity of the profession, the Tennessee Pharmacists Association has a vigorous program to provide assistance to impaired colleagues.

TPRN Policies/Procedures and TPRN Advocacy Committee Members contain some of the guidelines by which the Tennessee Pharmacy Recovery Network (TPRN) Committee operates and other information you might find helpful if you suspect chemical dependency or other impairment in either yourself or a colleague.

Resources for TPRN Participants