Tennessee Pharmacists Association

The Tennessee Department of Health has issued the following summary of enhancements being incorporated into the state’s Controlled Substance Monitoring Database (CSMD). If you have questions, please contact the CSMD Administrator at CSMD.admin@tn.gov or 615-253-1305.

From the Tennessee Department of Health

November 20, 2013

Dear Healthcare Practitioners,

We received valued feedback in a recent electronic survey of Controlled Substance Monitoring Database (CSMD) users and we are pleased to announce that we have incorporated many of these suggestions into the latest enhancements of the CSMD. The following is a summary of enhancements recently incorporated as well as new enhancements which will be implemented in the upcoming days:

  • Automated user name retrieval. This allows the registered user to retrieve user name in a similar manner as the current password retrieval functionality.
  • A single certification for each logged session. No more requirements to check the “I certify” box with each individual patient request.
  • Patient requests by healthcare extenders must now include supervising practitioner authorizing the patient lookup. This will enhance the supervisor’s ability to audit their extender’s use of the CSMD from the “View Request” page by checking the “include delegate” box.
  • New account user-types for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Existing nurse practitioner and physician assistant accounts will be prompted to enter supervising physician information on their “My Account” page. This is an optional feature at this time, but strongly encouraged as this will allow the supervising physician the opportunity to review their APN/PA’s prescribing history within the CSMD. New APN and PA registrants should utilize this user type as well.
  • Changes to the “My Account” page for prescribers and/or dispensers:
    • Organization. User must populate practice site organization name.
    • Support for users with multiple practice locations. A CSMD user may now record multiple practice locations and DEA numbers (as appropriate) for each practice location.
    • Checkbox for prescribers who also dispense controlled substances.
    • Notification Preferences. This enables a user to set clinical notification preferences from the CSMD. These notifications will consist of a CSMD user’s patients identified in the CSMD with potentially elevated risk profiles. The notification preferences are: user only, user and extender, or extender only. In the future, these notifications will appear on the user’s dashboard upon sign-in to the CSMD.
  • Changes to the “My Account” page for Healthcare Extenders:
    • Both new and existing healthcare extenders should choose whether they are licensed/ registered or unlicensed/unregistered and populate their license or registration information (if applicable) on the “My Account” page.
  • Morphine equivalence calculator on patient report. This calculator will convert opioid prescriptions which are “active” (based on fill date and day supply) into morphine milligram equivalents. This standardization of opioid dose aids in determining opioid exposure and clinical decision-making. It does not account for older prescriptions which the patient may still have access to refill or dosage units still in the patient’s possession from older prescriptions. A manual calculation may be necessary if you believe that the patient still has access to older prescriptions which are not accounted for in the calculation. It may also not account for any newly introduced opioid drugs or formulations. Again, a manual calculation may be necessary in these special cases.
  • Easy Request. This will enable an individual user to look up multiple patients and be notified via email when the search has been completed. This functionality will simplify the current process of looking up multiple patients at one sitting for many users. You can utilize this feature by hovering over the request tab and choosing “Easy Request.”

Lastly, I would like to remind you of easy access to opt-in for e-mail notifications. More than 51,800 licensees and registrants have opted in to receive e-mail notifications about important matters from your Tennessee Department of Health. Please join them. Click here [[https://apps.tn.gov/hlrs/begin.jsp]] to opt in.

Thank you for your continued care for patients and careful attention to prescription safety in Tennessee. Your care in prescribing and dispensing is making a difference, as “provider shopping” is down 50% over the last year. Previous analysis of overdose risk among “provider shoppers” strongly suggests this reduction will save lives. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about these valued enhancements.


John J. Dreyzehner, MD MPH
Commissioner of Health
Tennessee Department of Health