Tennessee Pharmacists Association

Lucy Adkins, PharmD, the Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA) Executive Resident, is conducting her residency research on pharmacists’ access, utilization, and participation within statewide immunization information systems (IIS), through the Tennessee Pharmacists Research and Education Foundation (TPREF). Dr. Adkins has prepared a brief, web-based survey to carry out the objectives of this project. This survey consists of a maximum of 20 questions, and should take approximately five to ten minutes to complete. All pharmacists are encouraged to complete the brief online survey by February 27, 2015.

Here is the link to complete the web-based survey: bit.ly/rphsurveyIIS

The results of this survey will be used to quantify and qualify pharmacists’ current understanding and perceptions of statewide immunization information systems. Identifying pharmacists’ utilization of these immunization information systems, including needs and barriers, will provide participating state pharmacists associations with valuable information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their state’s IIS systems, as well as insight into the educational and practical needs of pharmacists as providers of a significant percentage of immunizations. Moreover, increasing the number of pharmacist-based immunization records in statewide immunization information systems will increase the accuracy of  patients’ immunization records, ensure patients receive the appropriate immunizations, improve care coordination and collaboration between pharmacists and other health care providers, and prevent unnecessary spending, reducing costs within the health care system related to unneeded additional immunizations.

TPA and TPREF highly value the work you do every day to help your patients live healthier, more productive, and higher quality lives, and your input and assistance with this survey is greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact Dr. Lucy Adkins by email at Lucy@localhost or by telephone at 615-256-3023.

For information about Immunization Information Systems, please CLICK HERE.

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