Tennessee Pharmacists Association

The entire health care system, and especially the profession of pharmacy, is constantly changing and evolving. It is vital that the rules and regulations governing pharmacy practice at the state level continue to permit pharmacists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy staff members to meet the needs of their patients by providing them with the highest quality of care and services possible. In response to this challenge and at the direction of TPA leadership and the Board of Directors, TPA convened several practice-specific workgroups to review and contemporize the current Tennessee Board of Pharmacy practice rules (available at [[http://tn.gov/sos/rules/1140/1140.htm]]). Over the past two years, these TPA workgroups have spent an extensive amount of time examining current Board of Pharmacy rules and regulations, and have suggested a number of changes which align with contemporary pharmacy practice in Tennessee. These workgroups have concluded their review, and their proposed revisions have been compiled into a single 52-page document.

TPA is providing our members with an opportunity to review the draft revisions and provide comments back to TPA prior to submission to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy for consideration. To access the draft revisions to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy rules and regulations, CLICK HERE.

Any TPA member may submit comments regarding the proposed revisions. Comments regarding the draft revisions will be accepted until Thursday, July 10, 2014, at 5:00 PM Central Time. In order to maximize efficiency and expedite this comment process, all comments from TPA members regarding these proposed revisions must be submitted using the TPA Comment Form [link removed after submission deadline].

Once this comment period has ended, comments will be reviewed and the draft revisions will be amended, if applicable. TPA will then send the proposed revisions to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy for consideration.

Thank you in advance for your continued support for TPA through your participation in this very important pharmacy practice initiative. Your input and comments regarding these proposed revisions are highly valued and greatly appreciated.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call the TPA office at 615-256-3023 or contact us here.