Tennessee Pharmacists Association

TPA has been made aware by several pharmacists that they have not yet received the necessary paperwork to renew Tennessee pharmacy licenses expiring at the end of this month, October 2014.

TPA contacted Dr. Reginald Dilliard, Executive Director of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy, who confirmed there was a slight delay in getting the renewals mailed due to the delay in the effective date of the permanent Board of Pharmacy rules implementing the new licensure fee schedules, which became effective on October 9, 2014.

For pharmacists wishing to expedite the renewal process for a pharmacy license, TPA was advised to recommend that the pharmacist mail directly to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy a copy of the current Pharmacy license along with a check for the appropriate new fee made payable to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy.

The mailing address for the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy is as follows:

Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
665 Mainstream Drive
Nashville, TN 37243

Pharmacists can verify the proper new fee schedule by viewing the Pharmacy Application Form and Application to Add Modifier, listed on the Board of Pharmacy website at http://health.state.tn.us/boards/Pharmacy/applications.shtml under Facility License Information.

The basic licensure fee with no controlled substances is $310.00. If the pharmacy also handles controlled substances, the applicable fee is $350.00, which includes the additional $40.00 controlled substance modifier. If the pharmacy also performs sterile compounding, there is an additional compounding modifier fee due of $250.00.

TPA has been told the Board will make every effort to get these licenses turned around as soon as possible.

The pharmacist may wish to use certified mail in order to verify receipt of the renewal request.