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Comprehensive updates to the current Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Rules have been approved by the Attorney General and posted on the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website. Per current regulatory procedure, these rules will remain posted on the Secretary of State’s website for a period of 90 days, during which time they will be reviewed by the Joint Government Operations Rule Review Committee during a public hearing in early 2017. If the rules are approved by the Committee, they will become effective on February 20, 2017.

or visit http://share.tn.gov/sos/rules_filings/11-14-16.pdf to access the document containing the complete updates to the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Rules.

These updated Board rules contain several important changes to current Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Rules. Many of the changes noted in the rules document create additional waiver provisions to allow the Board of Pharmacy greater regulatory flexibility with respect to the rapidly changing practice of pharmacy. Besides adding these waiver provisions, there are several more important changes, which are highlighted below (with page locations in the document):

Page 4: Important Definitions Added and/or Amended:

  • “Automated Dispensing System”, “Institutional Facility”, “Long Term Care Pharmacy Practice Site”, and “Long Term Care Facility”, among others.

Page 6: Changes to Fee Structure

  • Added fees in rule 1140-01-.10 for Automated Dispensing Systems and support for a Peer Assistance Program

Pages 6-7: Temporary Pilot Programs Through Board Approval

  • Establishes a new rule in 1140-01 which allows for consideration and approval of temporary pilot programs by the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy

Page 7: Prohibition on Incentivizing and Inducing the Transfer of Prescriptions

  • Establishes a new rule in 1140-02-.01 that prohibits pharmacists from incenting or inducing the transfer of a prescription absent the exercise of professional judgement

Page 7: Tech-Check-Tech

  • Updates the current technician rule in 1140-02-.02 to clarify that Tech-Check-Tech programs may be used for stocking unit dose carts and automated dispensing systems when additional verification is performed prior to patient administration

Pages 10-14: Institutional and Alternate or Alternative Infusion Pharmacy Practice Sites

  • Updates current rules in Chapter 1140-04 regarding Institutional and Alternate or Alternative Infusion Pharmacy Practice Sites, including rules for the use of Automated Dispensing Systems

Pages 17-22: New Rules for Collaborative Pharmacy Practice

  • Establishes new rules in 1140-03-.17 for Collaborative Pharmacy Practice

Pages 23-31: New Chapter for Long Term Care Pharmacy Practice

  • Establishes a new Chapter 1140-14 containing rules for Long Term Care Pharmacy Practice

TPA applauds the staff and members of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy for their extensive work and efforts to contemporize pharmacy rules. TPA also appreciates all of our members for your input, participation, and advocacy throughout this lengthy rule-making process. A summary of TPA’s comments, which were based on comments from members and presented at the December 18, 2015, public hearing, may be found on pages 33-35.

TPA  and its practice societies, as well as the TPA ad hoc Ambulatory Care/Collaborative Practice Committee, will continue to support and encourage the implementation of collaborative pharmacy practice models. More information and resources on collaborative pharmacy practice will be available soon, but in the meantime, TPA members can access examples of collaborative pharmacy practice agreements by CLICKING HERE or visiting the Tennessee Society of Pharmacists (TSP) page on the TPA website.

If you look but can’t seem to locate a resource you need, please reach out and let us know, and we’ll be happy to help you!