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TPA is excited to release a “Statewide Naloxone Collaborative Pharmacy Practice” resource exclusively for members!

Statewide Naloxone CPP

This is the second in a series of pharmacy-specific, member-focused practice-based resourcesdesigned to help you provide a broader range of services to patients and expand your pharmacy practice!

TPA’s Statewide Naloxone Collaborative Pharmacy Practice resource page includes a comprehensive web-based, on-demand naloxone training program for pharmacists that has been approved by the Tennessee Department of Health, as well as links to the statewide naloxone collaborative pharmacy practice agreement, patient resources related to naloxone use and administration, a compliance checklist for the statewide collaborative pharmacy practice agreement with the Chief Medical Officer for the Tennessee Department of Health, and much more!

In the interest of increasing patients’ access to naloxone treatment during our nation’s opioid epidemic, TPA’s Statewide Naloxone Collaborative Pharmacy Practice resource, while member-focused, is available to all.

Statewide Naloxone CPP Resources Collaborative Pharmacy Practices Resources
Practice-Based Resources in Development

With the rapidly-growing number of opportunities for involvement in patient care and collaboration with other health care providers, this is an exciting time to be a pharmacy professional in Tennessee! At the same time, it can all be a bit overwhelming for those who want to get involved. TPA’s online practice-based resources will help you develop and implement many of the programs you’ve been hearing about, while helping you stay in compliance along the way.

Going forward, TPA will be posting at least one new practice-based resource each month, so be sure to look for email highlighting additional resource pages in the coming weeks. Since most of TPA’s practice-based resources are a members-only benefit, you’ll need to log in to your TPA account to access them. Please contact TPA if you need login help, would like to comment on a resource page, or have a suggestion for a new one.