Tennessee Pharmacists Association

money-rx-bottle-8532826_s-newsBill Eley, Director of Legislative Affairs for American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc. (APCI), has shared stories/videos (below) from recent Louisiana news. Eley states:

[The videos] include the Insurance Commissioner of Louisiana, pharmacists, the United States Senator from Louisiana (Sen. Bill Cassidy) and more. All are voicing serious concerns regarding pharmacy “clawbacks” and the impact it has on citizens and pharmacies. The reporters have now kept digging into this issue, and their interest and concern has only increased. As recently as [last [week], they released another 6-minute report on this issue specifically challenging Optum. They have now reached out to NCPA as well. It is worth taking some time out of your day and watching all of these news clips. Then please feel free to forward them to all you feel would benefit from watching, including your elected officials.

APCI wants to thank the Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association (LIPA) for giving APCI the opportunity to assist them with efforts that have resulted with these stories below. APCI also wants to thank NCPA for all they do for independent pharmacy.