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Are you interested in becoming more involved in TPA or within your practice society? Now is the time to take action!

2018 Leadership Opportunities

Applications for TPA Officers, Practice Society Officers, Practice Society Delegates and Alternates, and TPA and TSHP Committees are now being accepted −

September 1 to November 30, 2017!

7 Societies for Leader Application2018 Leadership Positions

If you believe you can help lead our pharmacy community into the future, please consider a leadership role in TPA. Applications for the following positions will be accepted online from September 1 through November 30, 2017:

  • TPA Executive Officers
  • Practice Society Leaders:
    • Practice Society Officers
    • Practice Society Delegates or Alternate Delegates to the TPA House of Delegates*
  • Committees: TPA and TSHP*

* If you are currently serving on a TPA or TSHP Committee, or currently serving as a Practice Society Delegate or Alternate Delegate, you will need to submit a new application to indicate your continued interest in serving.

For descriptions, service requirements, terms of service, eligibility, and to submit an application, scroll down and click theLearn More & Submit Applications button at the bottom of the page or click one of the leadership opportunities listed below.

  TPA Executive Officer  

Consider serving as an executive officer of TPA!
As a TPA executive officer, you will have the opportunity to support TPA and lead your state pharmacists association into the future. This year, the Executive Committee of the TPA Board of Directors is accepting applications for the following position:
  • TPA President-Elect

Practice Society Leaders:

  Practice Society Officer

Volunteer to serve within your practice society as an officer!
Serving as a society officer is a great way to bring issues forward that significantly impact pharmacy practice, as well as build relationships with other professionals within your specific practice area.The Chair or President of each practice society serves on the TPA Board of Directors. Applications for the following positions are now being accepted:
  • Chair-Elect or President-Elect
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Elect
  TPA House of Delegates:
Practice Society Delegate or Alternate Delegate

It is essential for TPA practice societies to have representation in the TPA House of Delegates.
The TPA House or Delegates is held twice a year, at the TPA Winter Meeting and TPA Summer Meeting. Serving as a Delegate or Alternate Delegate offers you a great opportunity to climb the leadership ladder, grow your leadership skills, and give back through your membership and participation.


  Committees: TPA and TSHP  

Is there a topic or area of interest that you are passionate about?
Bring your voice to the table by serving on a TPA committee or a Tennessee Society of Health-System Pharmacists (TSHP) committee.Serving on a committee is also a great way to get involved, meet new people, and make lasting professional connections and contributions.Below are the Standing and ad hoc Committees accepting applications for the upcoming service year.
  TPA Committees

  • Awards
  • Continuing Education
  • Legislative and Regulatory Policy
  • Nominations
  • Resolutions
  • ad hoc Ambulatory Care/Collaborative Practice
  • ad hoc Managed Care
  • ad hoc Membership Engagement
  • ad hoc New Practitioners
  • ad hoc Strategic Planning
  TSHP Committees

  • Awards
  • Membership
  • Nominations
  • Strategic Planning
  • ad hoc Legislative
  • ad hoc PAI (formerly PPMI)
  • ad hoc Programming and Education
  • ad hoc Residency

Click the button above for descriptions, service requirements, terms of service, eligibility, and to submit a applications for the leadership opportunities outlined in this post.