Tennessee Pharmacists Association
ASHP House of Delegates

The Tennessee Society of Health-System Pharmacists (TSHP) is seeking members to serve as Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) House of Delegates for the 2017 meetings of the House. ASHP has apportioned 4 Delegates to Tennessee. Tennessee is allowed to have 4 or more Alternate Delegates.

Qualifications to Serve: The individual serving as a Delegate must be a pharmacist practicing in Tennessee and also must be an ASHP member.

The delegates will be expected to attend the 2017 Regional Delegate Conference and the 2017 ASHP Summer Meeting (June 3-7 in Minneapolis, MN) and to participate in all sessions of the ASHP House of Delegates meetings. The Regional Delegate Conference usually meets for two days in late April or early May (details will be released in January of 2017), and the ASHP House of Delegates will meet in person on two separate occasions at the 2017 ASHP Summer Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. Additionally, the Delegates will be expected to attend two virtual House meetings in the Spring and Fall of 2017.

Per the TSHP Travel Policy, TSHP does provide support for the Tennessee Delegates to ASHP in terms of travel expenses that will not otherwise be reimbursed by their employer:

“The Society will pay the transportation expense for each of the official delegates to the Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.  The Society will pay for up to four nights lodging and up to $30/day to cover all other expenses (food, local ground transportation, tips, etc.)  Transportation to the meeting will be reimbursed at either the coach airfare or standard mileage by vehicle.  Beyond these specific expenses, the Society will pay for ASHP Annual Meeting registration at the pre-registration member rate.  Total expenses exceeding $1,500 will require approval of the Executive Committee.”*

Per the TSHP Travel Policy, TSHP does provide support for Tennessee Delegates to ASHP who participate in an ASHP Regional Delegates Conference:

“Delegates who attend the Regional Delegate Conferences annually may be reimbursed by the Society for transportation expense and up to two night’s lodging expense.  Alternate Delegates are not eligible for reimbursement unless economy is achieved by sharing travel with a Delegate.”*

Any member interested in serving as a Tennessee Delegate for the ASHP Summer Meeting in Minneapolis in 2017, should send an email to the TPA office, using the button below, indicating your interest in serving and contact information by NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 30, 2016. Members are also encouraged to nominate a colleague to serve.

The TSHP Nominations Committee will review the list of volunteers and select members, whose names will be placed on a ballot for an online election of Tennessee Delegates for ASHP. The four individuals receiving the most votes will be asked to serve as Tennessee Delegates. The other individuals will be asked to serve as Alternate Delegates. Both Delegates and Alternates will be contacted by TPA staff on behalf of TSHP regarding supplying the information required by ASHP. Per the current TSHP Policy on Election of TSHP Delegates to ASHP, “if the TSHP President-elect is nominated and chooses to be on the ballot, preferential selection will be given to the TSHP President-elect to serve as delegate, if he/she wishes.”

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Micah Cost at the TPA office (micah@localhost or 615-256-3023).