Tennessee Pharmacists Association

The following TPA leaders serve on the TPA Board of Directors and/or on the Executive Committee of one of TPA’s Practice Societies. For more information about TPA leaders, click here.

Jeff Lewis TPA President jefflewis83@gmail.com
Mary Jo Collins TPA President-Elect maryjocollins1010@yahoo.com
Jay Phipps TPA Immediate Past President jay@phippspharmacy.com
Kim Jones TPA Past President kjones@uu.edu
Jason Kizer TPA Past President kizerjason@gmail.com
Chris Finch TPA Treasurer cfinch@uthsc.edu
Casey White Speaker of the TPA House of Delegates volsrawesome@gmail.com
Cindy Brasher TCPS Chair cindy.brasher@stjude.org
Blake Young TCPS Chair-Elect tbyoung91@gmail.com
Daniel Atchley TSCP Chair daniel.atchley@kroger.com
Morgan Grant TSCP Chair-Elect morgan.grant@kroger.com
Justin Griner TSHP President jgriner@regionalonehealth.org
Drew Armstrong TSHP President-Elect darmstrong@regionalonehealth.org
Chad Huntsman TSIP Chair chad@jjbeansgroup.com
Robbie Monahan TSIP Chair-Elect robbie@southland.health
Kyle Robinson TSLTCP Chair kyle.robinson81@gmail.com
Ryan Webb TSLTCP Chair-Elect rwebbtn@gmail.com
Kelsey Frederick TSP Chair kfrederick@uthsc.edu
Tyler Melton TSP Chair-Elect tmelto11@uthsc.edu
Sheena Illarramendi TSPT Chair sheena.r.illarramendi@vumc.org
Wendi Owens TSPT Chair-Elect wendi.owens@vumc.org
Caitlyn Raines TSSP President cr9970@my.south.edu
Andrea Reutzel TSSP President-Elect areutzel@mail.lipscomb.edu


More Information about TPA Leaders:

TPA Tennessee Pharmacists Association
TCPS Tennessee Compounding Pharmacists Society
TSCP Tennessee Society of Chain Pharmacists
TSHP Tennessee Society of Health-System Pharmacists
TSIP Tennessee Society of Independent Pharmacists
TSLTCP Tennessee Society of Long-Term Care Pharmacists
TSP Tennessee Society of Pharmacists  
TSPT Tennessee Society of Pharmacy Technicians  
TSSP Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists