Tennessee Pharmacists Association

What is the Need for the Pharmacy Practice Preservation Fund?

The pharmacy profession constantly faces challenges that would transform your ability to practice and to be adequately compensated. We need all pharmacists’ support in developing and refining new practice approaches that will create opportunities for new sources of income, increase involvement with patients, expand professional decision-making, and identify new markets for services.

Please consider a contribution to this important effort. You may CONTRIBUTE ONLINE or download the PPPF FORM and return it by fax or mail. Thank you!

Many challenges are being presented by bureaucrats, third-party payors, mail order pharmacies, drug repackagers, insurance companies, even certain elements within the pharmacy profession. Pharmacy must be more aggressive in addressing these challenges before they become insurmountable. Pharmacy must be a pro-active profession.

To be pro-active requires development of public relations programs, research and compilation of “hard facts” to support pharmacy’s claims, pursuit of legal remedies when necessary, and development of programs to enhance pharmacists’ skills and knowledge. These activities require hundreds of thousands of dollars in excess of membership dues.

How Can You Participate?

Each pharmacist in Tennessee should play an active role in shaping the future of pharmacy practice in our state—your future. You can do that by making your contribution to PPPF today and encouraging a friend to contribute also. A contribution of $500 by corporations and pharmacy owners or $100 by employee pharmacists is suggested. Contributions to the Pharmacy Practice Preservation Fund may either be individual or corporate.

Please click here to contribute to PPPF online, OR click here to download a PDF form to fax or mail.