Tennessee Pharmacists Association
Pharmacists as Providers

The 2017 Tennessee “Pharmacists as Providers” Law Codifies the Role of Pharmacists as Health Care Providers
Effective July 1, 2017

In 2017, TPA worked with legislators, managed health insurance issuers, and key pharmacy advocacy groups to introduce and pass legislation that gives Tennessee pharmacists formal recognition as providers through managed health insurance issuers, including reimbursement and inclusion in medical networks as providers of care. The Tennessee “Pharmacists as Providers” Law becomes effective on July 1, 2017!

The “Pharmacists as Providers” law means new opportunities for pharmacy practice. Click here for a wealth of COLLABORATIVE PHARMACY PRACTICE RESOURCES, exclusively for TPA members.

The “Pharmacists as Providers” law…

  • Expands current state insurance code (TCA 56-32-129) to include “pharmacists” in the list of providers that managed health insurance issuers cannot discriminate against as providers in medical networks (with respect to participation, referral, reimbursement of covered services or indemnification) solely on the basis of their license or certification, if such providers are acting within the scope of their license or certification;
  • Establishes a pathway for pharmacists, acting within the scope of their license or certification under state law, to be credentialed with managed health insurance issuers;
  • Authorizes enrolled and credentialed pharmacists to participate in, receive referrals, and be reimbursed for covered services or indemnification;
  • Requires managed health insurance issuers to include pharmacists as providers to the extent necessary to meet the needs of the managed health insurance issuer’s plan and its enrollees; and
  • Creates a mechanism for pharmacists to participate as members of the larger health care team, which will enhance communication, collaboration, and patient referrals to physicians and other health care providers for further assessment, management, and treatment.

Thanks very much to our wonderful members, without whose advocacy, this law would not have passed. Interested in advocating for federal recognition for pharmacists as providers?  Ask your U.S. legislators to support the “Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act (HR 592 / S 109)”. Visit the Tennessee Pharmacists Legislative Action Network (T-PLAN) to learn more. T-PLAN makes it fast and easy for YOU to make a difference!