Tennessee Pharmacists Association

The ASHP House of Delegates (HOD) meetings are scheduled for June 7 and June 9 as part of the ASHP Summer Meeting. The Delegates elected to represent Tennessee in the ASHP HOD would like your feedback regarding proposed policy issues as well as any other important matters that members believe should be considered by the House.  There are 34 policy issues and 1 resolution to be voted upon at the ASHP HOD, but the Tennessee Delegates have included only a few brief questions regarding the issues which may generate the most consideration during the ASHP HOD.

To access the ASHP HOD Issues Survey: please CLICK HERE or type https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LNDQQSP into your browser. Please complete this brief survey by June 4. 

Please note that ASHP policies represent “ASHP’s official stance on an issue related to pharmacy practice of use of medications in society”. ASHP’s professional policies are used in advocacy, to persuade individuals or groups to take action or make a change that is desired by ASHP members. Many of the policies are visionary and aspirational, and will require extensive work across the U.S. to fully implement. These policy issues are considered critically important to the future of pharmacy practice.

The entire ASHP HOD agenda and proposed policies document is available via this link: http://bit.ly/1GKtQ2e.

The Tennessee Delegates thank you for your valuable input and your participation in this survey!